This page is dedicated to some very special parts we made...feel free to make your mind for use.
....these are not original parts and are for demonstration purpose only!

I made them only for me to see what is possible, do not try to use any of these ideas!
It may and will kill you.
Modifying rebreathers is extremly dangerous and not allowed!

Nothing to buy on that page


Everybody ask for "more and more... compact"...but NOT Karl...see his nice shell with the internals

Yep, this is a real EXTENSION....

And of course the really nice front view 

  This house uses normal PSR 11 39 MHD cells NOT the small TME sensors
A RAY special, make your own mind for purpose of use.... The pictures are not showing all angles/perspectives correct, the cable glands are of course also in put the unit in a tube for side mount Reb....or...





one more special



complete refitted to p-port system


A new scrubber lid was made, with two male p-ports integrated

Also a special nut to hold the female exhale side p-port with the water trap hose was made


inhale side original p-port nut is used

The original fitting "bag-hose" was modified to screw in a new made male p-port.

A female p-port system was made for the hose


this allows a very small type of connection, also for the idea of a very small 3 cell sensor house

And original counter nut can be used to fix bag in the shell

The 3 cell sensor house, made for 3 cells R22D type, as we think the k1 cell type is not the best cell for rebreathers, they are small but do not last very long and have the same price....and housing are not much smaller in reality

The house is "only" 67mm high, smaller is definetly not possible due to the high of sensor, gas flow, and cables and so on....




View inside the housing.

House and lid are made from one solid piece, so no glue was nessesary

Sensors are fixed

  The complete system, with equalizer for exhale side, which has no function (except equalizing) so far.

An other Special

thanks to R.v.Bosse  for the pictures of the shell

A new style sensor house with integrated bypass unit and exhale extension with overpressure relief valve integrated

Draeger Dolphin Bypass parts are used (the internal parts only)

sensorhouse and bypass house made from one solid piece, original Drager membran and lid cap are used

the upper part of the shell....was cut off...and a form for a higher head/top part was made (by R.v.B.)

Shell with new upper part and some modified holes.....for best fitting

both houses fit well in the new shell, on connection to breathing bag we changed to p-port system as this is more slimeline than the old system

External view, this side is the lower side, which is on the back of the diver.

Mount a wing and harness ...and dive.........



...just simple...nice Rebreather and nice work



made from one solid block of course!!

  This is a photo trick...the original was gone too fast..
.no time for a picture...
A very special part

p-connector fitting on RG UFM Rebreather. So you can use a normal Ray breathing loop on that Rebreather.




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