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Used Rebreathers for sale

All rebreathers/parts for selling here on this page are used, even if they are new. The new units are coming from exhibition or showroom or private collectors. Anyway all is sold privatly as used. And sold as they are.

Using a rebreather and or diving a rebreather is dangreous and can harm you and or your health and may have fatal consequences including death.

Diving with a rebreather requires proper training offered from various traning agencies, when you buy a used rebreather you must have a proper training on the specific type/modell.

If you need more information and help, please contact me, I forward the mails to the owners.

Shipping always extra on buyers costs. Yes, units are normally shipped anywhere you want unless the seller says something else.


This is a private selling page, prices and shipping have to be discussed with the person who is selling it. The person selling it is responsable for the offer, the pictures and the text/details shown here!

We only offer the plattform to post the information on what is sold as given by the person selling it.

If there is a german only text, feel free to contact us for english information if you need it.


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August 2019

Sebastian is selling two Dolphins with a lot of mainly new parts

please contact him directlyt:      koellmayr  (at )

Text is in Gemman, but you can also contact him in english, no proble,


Dolphin 1 ist mehr oder weniger komplett original, hat aber auf dem Bild die seitlichen Flachenhalter montiert.
Dolphin 2 hat das Montage Kit fur Backplate/Wing/seitlichen Flachen montiert, Ist mit Scubapro Soft Harness benutzt worden ->kann mitgeliefert werden
Beide haben Kolbendruckminderer. Der eine ist auf 200 Bar DIN Anschluss umgebaut(Teile von Tecme) und hat längere Schläuche zwischen Druckminderer und Dosierung.
Beide Dosierungen haben 32%/40%/50%/60% Düsen/Dosiereinheiten.


Tauchcomputer und Vollgesichtsmaske können alleine verkauft werden, die Dolphin und die Ersatzteile nur zusammen








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