We machine tubes, fittings and threaded nuts for multi purpose use

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  White POM tube

142mm diameter


in process   White POM tube

116mm diameter



240,- Euro


refillable filter tube  for Optima Reb

350,- Euro

multi purpose filtertube

external 164mm
internal 148mm
high without ports: 250mm
internal load high aprox 185mm

head is fixed, buttom can be opened. It does not stand on the ring but on the buttom,
completly made from POM


190,- Euro

Set Extra long Ray tube

House and internal extension
made from POM

sample pic

in process    

stainless steel mesh

142mm laser cutted round SS mesh


in process    


in process  

stainless steel mesh

150mm laser cutted round SS mesh


in process    

threaded pin

metric thread of 6mm, material stainless steel

for packing purpose we ship it with a black pom ring

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