We receive quite a huge number of special wishes. And we are mostly able to help with it.

Anyway, we can not list and publish/show all these interessting and/or strange ideas we received in the past years. Most of them are unique...

We are basically a mashine shop. So if you like a special fitting, adapter, connector, tool, converter.... or something like that.....let us know what you need/like.

Please provide as much information as possible, measurements and type of sealing and so on.

A drawing/sketch would be helpfull. OR send in a part and we measure all and make a new to your needs.

Mostly it is impossible to have a price ready before we have the part ready. To get an idea, check our website and look for something similar. Normally the price then is the same or a little bit more. It depends a bit on threads, o-ring sealings and so on.

We try to show just some examples here....  will be updated regularly....


165,- Euro

A very special fitting to use the Poseidon BOV/DSV in Sidemount configuration for example

seen here made to use original Poseidon hoses/connectors


only made on special request!


Fittings to use the Poseidon BOV for front or side mount breathers


Sample here to use Ray hoses




Simple replacement MEG Head

ready for up to 4 sensors, head has only 1x M12x1,5 hole for cable gland


A replacement head for a MEG

Jaksa solenoid

4 cells are possible

detachable controller unit

independend HUD or other secondary device

.....and some more gimmicks...

hose connectors standard fittings.





A special replacement head for a MEG

Jaksa solenoid

4 cells are possible

3 cable glands into "wiring box"

hose connectors wih HH bajonett fittings!

pricing vary of wishes and configuartions.......


A sample configuration with detachable AV1 controller and detachable Shearwater Petrel2 as secondary



Adding  a 3 sensor chamber to an old pSCR head, can be done on most heads.

Pricing may vary depending on head style/type



Solenoid box

can be used as seen here

Price vary depending on what is coming with the box

Box with lid  only: 180,- Euro, including 2 cable glands

Solenoid Jaksa:  220,- Euro

the 2 Fittings ( 9/16 and 3/8) for the solenoid: 75,- Euro

7 pin female plug Fischer   65,- Euro




This is a sample pictire only

A very special Blackbox (BB) to mount on a MARK15 for example

Shown with an AV1 eCCR controller.

Box including holder is made from one solid piece

Fitting/manifold to fit
a Jaksa solenoid

as seen here

85,- Euro

Seen here a fitting to connect to a G1/8 Jaksa solenoid to put directly to a head (wall sickness 4-6mm as seen here)

Outside connection is of course standard 9/16 UNF


 22,- /piece

New special nut for p-port

works as anti collaps fitting, no sharp edges

Fittings for BOV

You have a BOV and like to connect a differnet type of hose
with maybe strange fittings and sizes...can be realized

here extended version to fit Dolphin hoses



A set of special fittings to connect a IDA 71 scrubber directly to a RAY unit.

3 cell sensor house and the proper extension, asymetric made to fit the different systems.

Set starts at 320,- Euro


can be used in this head for example



Fitting 2x male 9/16

Inside a Kiss Jet (down side) and a filter (on outer side)

see the details here for that speicial fitting

of course the hex head has an o-ring sealing



Price shown is for the metal firring (not the head) and is including nut, disk, orifice (0,0030 or 0.0025) and filter, o-rings




  Custom wish in and ex-hale connectors for your idea of a rebreather head

Sample pic shows two connectors to be screwed to a head.

Price vary due to your ideas of course


various threads/fittings/forms

You need a distributor with special fitting, e.g seen in the pic left..can be done

Of course prices vary depending on your wishes and fittings..

Special Form of




This adapter has the 2x 3/8 female holes on top a bit wider.

So there is enough room to connect a flowstop or a Swagelog fitting ---or other things



2 times 3x 3/8 UNF

110,- Euro

This block has 2 times 3x UNF 3/8 holes in T-form, 1 on top 1 on bottom 1 in front.

the 2 distributor ways are NOT connected

4 small mountig holes



75,- Euro


4x 3/8 on top

1x 9/16 below

Filling adapter




Filling adapter for special tanks can be made.

for example for the DC55 rebreather.

For some special valves we may need a sample of the valve if we do not have the data on file.

pls have a look to the new added page "special fittings"