if you want to know production date of your sensor, please check serial number:   S/N: 605 12345.
the first # is the year 6 = 2016  the second and third is the month 05 = May   the last 5 are the serial #.

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Since 2009 all sensors are pressure tested ! Check details here please!!

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Difference between:

 PSR-11-39-TME /   PSR-11-39-MDSX  /  MDSX1


All are stripped PSR 11 39 MD3.
 That means a full R22D compatible Sensor, same technical data, same life time.


 nearly size of a K1 style sensor!  -
 Lenght/high (w/o cable)  22mm  -  Diameter   23,8 mm

The difference between MDSX (for Submatix) and the TME (for TECME) is just the male molex connector.

The MDSX has a 2pin and the TME a 3 pin, where only the 2 outer are used, so similiar to all R22D

compatible sensors, both are easily interchangeable of course


 PSR-11-39-TME is with 3 pin male Molex

PSR-11-39-MDSX  is with  2 pin  male Molex,

PSR-11-39-MDSX1 is with 2 pin female Molex




Model No.


Diving Applications

PSR-11-39-JD Teledyne R-17 CIS-Lunar, Dive Rite VTI, El Cheapo I & II, 82,-€
Maxtec = MAX-301 / 13 MSA Mini-Ox, Spectrum, Vandagraph VN202  
IT Gambert = D-01    
PSR-11-39 TME 3 pin Molex male various homebuilt modells  82.-€
PSR-11-39-MDSX 2 pin Molex male Submatix SCR 100 Rebreather 82,-€
PSR-11-39-MDSX1 2 pin Molex female Submatix SCR 100 Rebreather  (the newer Submatix modell) 82,-€
PSR-11-39-JD1 Maxtec MAX-250E (5.5mm connector ); 88,-€
    Maxtec OM-25AE  
PSR-11-39-JD2 Teledyne R-17 CIS-Lunar, Dive Rite VTI, El Cheapo I & II, 85,-€
Maxtec = MAX-301 / 13 MSA Mini-Ox, Spectrum, Vandagraph VN202  
IT Gambert = D-01    
PSR-11-39-XD   with female coax connector , SF2, 82,-€
    does NOT fit Inspiration, connectors are other way round  
PSR-11-39-SMB former APD fwith male coax connector, fits AP Inspiration 82,-€
PSR-11-39 JJ   JJ Rebreather 82,-€
PSR-11-39-MD/MD3 Teledyne R-22 Kiss, Innerspace Megaladon, Oxy Spy, CCR-2000, Uwatec, Optima 82,-€
  Maxtec = MAX-12 / 305 Conchran Lifeguard, VR3, Poseidon Discovery, rEvo  
  IT Gambert = D-04    
PSR-11-39-MHD IT Gambert = D-05 Megalodon, Juergensen Marine Hammerhead 82,-€
PSR-11-33-NM1 Maxtec = MAX-310s (magnetic); MK15/15-5, CCR-100 110,-€
IT Gambert = D-10    
PSR-11-37-D2 Teledyne R-33D-1 Analox , OMS UBS O2 stick 88,-€
  Maxtec = MAX-309    
  IT Gambert = D-09    
PSR-11-37-D2-1 Teledyne R-33D1-NUV Nuvair O2 stick 98,-€
PSR-11-37-D3 Maxtec = MAX-308 Analox Mini O2/O2 DII, UBS O2 97,-€
  IT Gambert = D-08    
PSR-11-37-D4   Oxycheq / C-squared, inc. Expedition,  RC Dive PRO-1 95,-€
PSR-11-37-D7 Maxtec = MAX-303 Analox OMS, UBS O2 Stick 95,-€
  IT Gambert = D-03    
PSR-11-39-ATA Analox 9100-9212-94 Analox ATA Tri-Mix analyzer 115,-€
PSR-11-39-MD1   ANDI Alpha 1, Nuvair Quick Stick, Pro-O2, OMS OX-ANII 82,-€
PSR-11-39-MD2 Maxtec = MAX-304 UWATEC OXY 2    not available any more n/a
PSR-11-39-MDN N/A ( non-magnetic) 105,-€
PSR-11-39-TDG N/A Titan Rebreather 82,-€
PSR-11-55 D Hudson 5500 Hudson 5577 82,-€
  Teledyne R-13    
  Maxtec = MAX-9    
PSR-11-75-D N/A KISS SPORT 82,-€
PSR-11-75KE1D Maxtec MAX-250 Maxtec OM-25A 82-€
   Figaro KE-25    
PSR-11-75-KE10+ Maxtec MAX-250 MAX O2+ 82,-€
PSR-11-77D Teledyne T-7 Teledyne TED 60 95,-€
  Maxtec = MAX-307    
  IT Gambert = D-07    
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