95,- € 



bag connector -hose kit, with anti collaps

made for  55/56 mm bag holes

internal bore is 35mm

max size for the hose connectors is 42mm

standard size:  36mm hose



55,- € 




bag connector only, with anti collaps

made for  55/56 mm bag holes




53,- € 


hose connector set for bag connector # bag0100

double o-ring sealed

standard size is for 36mm hose

others on request



90,- € 


male p-port to hose fitting, 45 degree

various hose fitting possible, standard is 36mm hose fitting



70,- € 

for O2 injection via inflator hose adapter into exhale side of scrubber tank

comes with longer srcews of course. You like other fitting, just ask us.


only black colour is available!

please always check lenght on the new screws


48,- € 

p-port holder with inflator connection.

O2 injection to Ray scrubber or any p-port of course.

short version

Info: we normally ship the short version!


48,- € 


double male p-port fitting

one side with anti collaps extension


48,- € 

p-port plug with two threads

differents threads are possible

also  thread only is possible of course




32,- € 

Single hose p-Port connector f or standard hoses, straight version

outer diameter 36 mm

if you like other lenght or diameter for the hose connection side.... tell us!!

36mm verison fits Ray breathing hoses, Silcon hoses for CM units and so on


38,- € 

Single hose p-Port connector for Ray and other hoses,
straight version with hole 3/8 UNF


66,- €  / Set

p-port with straight extension

fits perfect for Cooper hoses!  39mm

Set:  two


85,- €   / Set

Adapter for Dolphin to Cooper hoses.

this is similar to EX0085, but ESPECIALLY for Cooper hoses

Set:  two


70,- €  / Set

Adapter to fit Cooper hoses to Submatix Rebreather

Set:  two


65,- €  / Set

Adapter KISS BOV to Cooper hoses

this adapter fits into the BOV from KISS

Set:  two

as it is for the mouth piece side, we made the cooper hose side a bit shorter than normal,
so it makes sense to cut a bit of the cooper hose to have a small unit in front of your mouth....


88,- €  / Set of 2
incl Nuts


Adapter Poseidon BOV to SF2 hoses

allow to connect SF2 hoses to the Poseidon BOV


56,- € 

p-port connector without cable

comes with cable gland



98,- €/set

Replacment fitting for MEG Head for 40mm hose

Set with one left and one right nut

both double o-ring sealed



62,- €/piece


Fitting with nut for

Ortlieb waterbag

various hose connections are possible, with anti collaps


sample shows connection for Ray and similar hoses

On Ortlieb bags only one o-ring is possible due to the special fitting they have


62,- €/piece


Fitting with nut for

MSR waterbag

various hose connections are possible, with anti collaps

sample shows fitting for Cooper hoses


28,- €/piece 


replacement nut for MSR bag

(as seen on bag0070)

POM machined nut, not molded or printed


47,- € 


Male p-port with extra large shoulder to screw directly to p-port nut

the male thread is the same as on a standard p-port,
so this converter can replace a female p-port.


47,- € 

converter male p-port thread to female thread

to hold the original DRAEGER OP valve

84,- € 

O2 injection via Inflator connection into breathing loop of Ray.

Replace your hose connector with this part and inject your gas straigt into exhale side.

very good if p-port on scrubber ist used for an O2 cell and you do not like to cut a hole in your bags



60,- € / Set  of 2

Plug Set

to convert an IDA71 Scrubber to male p-port system

Set:  two


60,- €  / Set

This adapter converts the

male IDA71 Scrubber thread to the male breathing bag thread.

Set:  two

So you may connect the hose fitting to the scrubber....


64,- €  / Set

Plugs to convert IDA 7 to Dolphin hoses/breathing loop

Set:  two

on ordering you need to tell us if you want to fit them to scrubber or the breathing bag!
They are different in threads of course.


64,- €  / Set

Adapter for IDA 59

a replacement for the original bag-hose connectors

internal diameter is bigger than original (right one)

Set:  two


64,- €  / Set

Adapter for

IDA 59 to fit Cooper hoses to IDA 59

Set:  two


68,- €  / Set


Plug set for LAR V hoses.

This is a rebuilt made from POM to connect

the hoses to scrubber and breathing bag.



85,- €  / Set


connector set for Dolphin scrubber to use LAR5 fittings

so you may can use a Dolphin srcubber in your LAR 5


If you need other combination not listed here, just e-mail --

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