see pics below


A nice and compact solution for up to 3 cells


we modified the actual version a bit for a much better fitting into the Azimuth shell

It fits smothly into Azimuth case.

The inhale bag is pressed a very very little bit, nothing spectecular


Take a close look, smaller is definetly not possible.....we tried all ways......


of course two cable connections can be made, one for display one for Computer

cable glands will be on left side, so no problem, enough space



Breathing bag Azimuth before 2005



Breathing bag Azimuth after Jan 2005

How to mount the house to Azimuth (new Version)!

You must change one connection on the bag, there is no other way to make a small and good fitting house with the original tube.


First, take of the original fitting for the hose.

Replace it with a Draeger female p-Port



Second, install the sensor house, as it has a male p-port to fit to the bag and original style Azimuth tube to go through the shell for the hose connection.

use your original nut to fix it to the shell

once you have installed the p-port in the bag and you do not like to dive with the house, we also ship together with the house a converter tube, male p-port to Azimuth hose fitting.

So yan can leave the p-port installed


if not using the house use the adapter without deinstalling the p-port


fits smoothly in the shell