Due to many many request worldwide and dozens and dozens of e-mails we wrote. Here some pictures how to open the Draeger fitting from Dolphin/Ray regulator.

                                                                      And also how to open the OXY2 lower fitting to change it

Of course, you do everything at own risk. We are not responsable for any damage!

On the pics for the first stage opening we used an adapter, also possible is to use the tank valve to fix.

On bottom of page some hints to new Draeger first stage

1 2
3 4
  This fits into the nuts perfectly. Do not use too much force!!

You can use other tools of course

The new 1.Stage from Draeger is much easier to open.

You only need a 15mm nut and a 6mm allen key.

Be sure to use a "good fresh" 6mm allen key. The original plug is really tight coming straight from Draeger! Otherwise you may destroy the innerside of the plug!

Both threads have normal direction.

And the new stage uses a quite common filter

due to request..more details...

Check inside, there IS a 15mm nut!

Also please use a GOOD and sharp 15mm nut !!!

best is with 6 edges and not 12!

IMPORTAND, the outer diameter of the 15mm nut can not be more than 21mm.

So if you have problems to open that nut...check if nut is going in deep enough!