All displays are for demonstration/developemet purpose only.
Never trust any electronic device, the best Computer is between your shoulders! So take care you know what you are doing.

With our displays we only show what is possible, they are not for use on existing diving equipment


The manual can be downloaded as pdf file here



550,- €


ppO2 Display including spare battery and charger, bungee



Now available


easy to read display

(In this picture sensor #2 on both units is independent and one is an old one for testing purpose...)

1-4 cells can be read--

TFT display

recharchable  battery 18650

Fisher connector

wrist mount  left or right




Housing for various electronics

Sample shows a housing for mark Munroe Gen 6 electronics
internal size in mm 102x48x31
with holders inside to fix the board

Other dimension are possible



price is for housing WITHOUT glands and/or Fischer plug

Housing for various electronics

Sample shows a housing with various connections
internal size in mm 80x65x20

Other dimension are possible

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