CO2 display


HUD systems

Due availability problems of some electronic parts no CO2 systems available by now


All displays are for demonstration/developement purpose only.
Never trust any electronic device, the best Computer is between your shoulders! So take care you know what you are doing.

With our displays/HUDs we only show what is possible, they are not for use on existing diving equipment



Display: Newest manual (with CO2  ) here  V2.0

HUD: Manual V.0.96






585,- €




ppCO2 Display

analog version (can read CO2 and ppO2)

Fischer connection

585,- €


ppCO2 Display digital version

(reads ppCO2 this moment as digital O2 cells are not availabel by now)

Lumberg connection


235,- € CO2 sensor with electronics


Analog version, 3 Pin Molex


Digital version, 2 pin Molex plus 4 pin Microconnector


Diigital version always does have depth sensor installed




895,- € ppCo2 Kit

digital Display
cable and sensor holder
digital CO2 sensor, filter
sensorhouse (to be choosen)





Basic system


stand alone CO2 HUD system (digital system)

- Electronics/battery box
- connecting cable and 3LED HUD
- Digital CO2 sensor
- Sensor house


possible CO2 sensor houses

t-piece, in hose, canister attachments......

    various CO2 sensor houses
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