The ultimate BOV solution now available

Kit includes a set of hose fitting as seen on the pic

Flow direction can be changed (if ordered!)

Pos_DSV A super light weight DSV with angled hose connection

This is a DSV only   NO BOV !


Weight with hose connctors, 36mm hose: 280 gramms




A special nut to use the Shearwater NERD2 original holder.


It only fits replacement hose adapter, used on left side hose connection only

can NOT be used with original hoses as here the nut can not be replaced.

pics following Pos_Nut_clip on



Slip over fitting for original Poseidon hoses to install NERD2 holder


Golem DSV

285,- €

Golem Classic DSV

with hose connectors





490,- €

Golem Shrimp BOV

with hose connectors

LP feed from right side


95,-€ /piece



70 degree connector

Poseidon to 36mm hose






Set of two (without nuts)


200,- €

Hose fitting 45 degree for Golem Boyonet

sample shown for Cooper hoses.

The price is without the two Bayonet nuts (you can use the one from straight fitting)



94,- €


Dräger safety mouthpiece, with head strap

fits various DSVs and BOVs




22,- €


replacement strap for dräger safety mouthpiece
strap only

280,- €


p-Post style ADV/bypass with APEKS XTX50


185,- €


with addition thread (if you like) for feeding gas.

Cap and all internals are from Scubapro R190/380
p-port version

We also provide this house without male p-port,
 but then the bottom plate has a 2mm hole in the center,
that makes is easy to drill your needed hole
and glue any fitting you like into the house,
or let us know what connection you like and we make it like T0301
 ..and others..

it has aprox same high as Dolphin Bypass, diameter is less!


195,- €

Bypass unit like T0300 - Megalodon

many other fittings/connections are possible
pricing depends on type of fitting


195,- €


"Special wish" Bypass unit

one side mal p-port, one side Ray hose connector

one fitting 3/8 UNF to inject O2 or...what ever...

same shape  as sensor house H0620

Internals are same as T0300



195,- €


"Special wish" Bypass unit

lower side p-port, one side Ray hose connector out of center

with LP hose connector closed to the breathing hose





13,50 € /piece



Dräger mushroom Valves

used in various DSVs and BOVs


20,- €

 handle bar

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