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As these Titanium parts are special made/ordered  there is maybe a delay in availabilty




275,- Euro

sold out

TITANIUM Backplate

 made from 2mm Titanium

weight : 730 gramm


the perfect travell Backplate






Other uses Aluminium to make backplates and light D-rings to reduce the weight, but AL is less stronger then Titanium  and because of this fact the thickness of Aluminium backplates is often double the size of a Titanium Backplate. So there is no advantage except costs.

Another Con factor of Aluminium is corrosion in salt water, especiallly in contact with Stainless steel. This is why most of Al backplates are covered with Anox or color to protect it from corrosion, but once coating is damaged the corrosion will take  place and an Al backplate will not last longer, unlike Titanium, it will last forever.



22,- Euro


Titanium weight belt/harness buckle



6,- Euro


Titanium belt stopper



9,- Euro



Titanium D-Ring