All Ti parts are made in Germany





155,- Euro

TITANIUM Backplate

 made from 2mm Titanium

"natural beast style"


New model

weight : 675 gramm


the perfect travell Backplate






Titan Single tank adapter




2mm Titanium

weight : 240 gramm

Single tank adapter fits in both directions to the plate (and rear plate), so if wanted it always can be with case neede, just tun it.


Titan rear plate


for side mount rigging



2mm Titanium

weight : 500 gramm


rear plate to be used for sidemount rigging a wing for example

for certain sidemount or chestmount breather options (configurations), also two single tank adapters fit the rear plate

weight system for Titan backplates


87,- (black)

96,- (Camo)

set of 2


each pocket can hold up to 2 kg of weight,
 so 12 kg are possible with the set of weight pockets



6,- Euro


Titanium belt stopper



9,- Euro



Titanium D-Ring