Most spare parts for Dräger Ray and or Dolphin are a not available any more as Dräger stopped producing parts  long time ago and now also their stock is empty.





Bubblediffusor for Dolphin

the fine solution - nearly same as original LAR !

you are able to adjust OP valve with diffuser installed!!
 Only by turning the diffusor you also turn the OP valve "open-close"
For this we installed the "clip" inside" fitting the OP valve,
so take care you clip it on correct



135,- €


Dräger safety mouthpiece, with head strap




30,- €


replacement strap for dräger safety mouthpiece,
strap only

Knopbs are NOT included

Price per knob: 2,55 €


17,50 € /piece



Dräger mushroom Valves



Replacement O-ring INHALE side for DOLPHIN DSV,

This O-ring replaces DRA T10612

As some divers have often a problem with flooding at DSV inhale side
 we offer a slightly thicker o-ring.

This O-ring is a few 1/10 thicker than original
Very limited number as it is special made





Replacement O-ring EXHALE side DOLPHIN DSV




19,-  €

Replacement NUT for Draeger hose to be hold to the DSV.The nut is straight compared to the conical shape of the original,
 so easy to fix a HUD, the outer shape can be changed,
we can make a nut for you or what ever you may need.





Replacement Ring for Ray Scubber
to close top or bottom lid
The picture is just a sample, they will come in white color


Alle Preise, die auf der Webseite angegeben sind verstehen sich inklusive der gesetzlichen MwSt. und zzgl Versandkosten

Für unsere Waren bestehen die gesetzlichen Gewährleistungsrechte


note for  O_RINGS:

All parts (which come with an O-ring) are shipped with a dry (no grease) O-ring.
So take care that you use YOUR proper grease.
We decide to do that so there is no problem on mixing up different greases or so!


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