HUD holding systems

Please read this before ordering a special wish.

As we have seen different diameters of the same  HUD (just different manufacturing years maybe) we do need to know the following of your HUD:

- exact diameter and wideness where the holder will be clipped. Please DO NOT add/subtract anything. We need the diameter as exact as possible in metric millimeters


HUD Holder for BOVs

flexible arm

For mounting it uses the LP hose connection.

The sample seen here is made for the diameter to hold the Shearwater HUD (old and new model)

Other diameter endfittings are possible

Lenght is changable (standard is 5-6 joints)

As it is flexible but stable nearly all positions are possible for the HUD

  Various diameters for different HUDs are available already.


- Inspi HUS, Seabear HUDC, rEvo NERD and similar  55,- Euro

- Shearwater HUD (old and new) (center)     50,- Euro

- NOTCO2 HUD (right)  55,- Euro

more will come up....like MEG and so on...

Also a non-BOV version for normal DSV is coming soon


Please read text on top!


MEG 0015

30,- Euro


Replacement HUD holder for the original MEG HUD

strong, does not break so easy (left in pictue)

wide enough to use a 7mm clamp


45,- Euro

Hud holder to fit MEG HUD to Golem holder


Alle Preise, die auf der Webseite angegeben sind verstehen sich inklusive der gesetzlichen MwSt. und zzgl Versandkosten

Für unsere Waren bestehen die gesetzlichen Gewährleistungsrechte


note for  O_RINGS:

All parts (which come with an O-ring) are shipped with a dry (no grease) O-ring.
So take care that you use YOUR proper grease.
We decide to do that so there is no problem on mixing up different greases or so!


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