Gas filling


37,- € 

Adapter DIN 200 bar auf Dräger M24x2

Adapter to convert any 200 bar DIN Valve to Draeger fitting M24x2
to use any tank for your Dolhpin or Ray


48,- € 

Adapter Dräger M24x2 to DIN /Fülladapter für M24x2 Ventile

Adapter M24x2 to DIN (female/female) to use any DIN first stage
on Draeger Valve or filling the tank


37,- € 

 Adapter to convert O2 (3/4") to Draeger (M24x2 male)



38,- € 

 M26x2male  --   M24x2male

use your old style NOX thread on the new valves with M26x2

this is NOT the DIN to DRA converter!!


38,- € 


 M26x2 male  --  G 5/8 female (normal DIN)

M26x2 is the new European NOX standard

so use DIN on the new M26x2 valves


38,- € 


3/4"  --  G5/8

Oxygen   to    DIN air 200 bar

female - female

Filling adapter




Filling adapter for special tanks can be made.

for example for the DC55 rebreather.

For some special valves we may need a sample of the valve if we do not have the data on file.

pls have a look to the new added page "special fittings"



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