Dry suit heating control



includes Thor cord cable

Box size

lenght 61,5mm, plus M16x1,5 cable glands

high: 39mm

wide: 41mm

Further details in the manual (pdf, 200kb)



It always comes ready wired on a THOR cord cable on one side, other side open end to install in battery canister

E/O connector to controller 30cm (unless other wise ordered)

Pin is always MINUS


Further details in the manual (pdf, 200kb)



includes 2x Thor cord cable 

Heat control box

both sides Thor , E/O plug

to plug between existing E/O cord conection

short cable goes to tank, longer to heating device (is red marked)

Custom cable lenght are possible

Further details in the manual (pdf, 200kb)


spacer for dry suit valve

Si Tech




Spacer for dry suit inlet valve to install a cable for heatig device for example

Si TEch or Apeks threads are possible

can have 1 or 2 M12x1,5 holes

Unless otherwise noted when ordering the two hole will be side by side as seen




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