CO2 monitoring

Houses and display.

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House can be ordered for various fittings. We will start up and show a small selection for now. Way more is possible

The electronics are made from Fox Lodari in Italy and will be sold directly from him in Italy under his registered brand name "notCO2"




On display there are:

 analogue co2, digital co2, loop temperature, runtime





and a value ref that decrease for massive co2 transit

  Various sensor houses  
New Version now available, with detachable sensor chamber



CO2 cell holder for hoses.
for the cell used by Fox Lodari

This is NOT a T-piece, it  is a cell holder to be placed into a cutted hose.

The pic shows the fittngs for KISS hoses. Both hose ends are easy detachable.

It also fits the JJ

Other hoses fittings are possible

  Sample setup for Inspiration

The sensor house is similar to H1010-

But inside the sensor chamber it is a bit different, as the CO2 sensor has different dimensions.

 A Sample T-Piece for Megalodon Cl


For ATS or Golem BMCL they  look similar

   A Sample T-Piece for Poseidon


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